Production Fund

Production Fund

Production Fund 2023 Call

Get all the necessary details on the mechanism of the Veneto Region's production fund, on how to apply and follow up on payments, deliverables and communication.

For all details, the official full text (available only in Italian) shall be deemed authentic. Official Production Fund.

Small/medium film production companies established in a European Union's Country, whose activity is officially registered at the relevant Chamber of their own Country. The company can be: an only production company, a co-production company, an executive production company.

First Call

Opens: 04/19/2023 at 10:00

Closes: 05/30/2023 at 17:00

Results within: 27/09/2023

Second Call

Opens: 10/03/2023 at 10:00

Closes: 30/05/2023 at 17:00

Results within: 13/02/2024

Type A

- fiction feature films with a minimum length of 52 minutes, which are intended for cinema or TV/Vod/SVoD release;

- series (fiction, documentary, docu-fiction) with a total minimum length of 90 minutes, which are aimed for cinema or TV/Vod/SVoD release;

- animation: feature and series with a minimum length of 40 minutes, which are primarily intended for cinema release, and works with a total minimum length of 30 minutes, which are primarily aimed for TV/VoD/SVoD

Type B

- doc: documentaries with a minimum length of 30 minutes;

- short: fiction, animation and live action short films with a maximum length of 30 minutes;

- XR (Extended Reality): VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality)

- works in Veneto have not started yet

- a company can only apply with one project; per ogni tipologia;

- for Type A projects, a distribution contract or deal memo is required. Letters of interest will not be allowed;

- minimum expenditure in Veneto as follows: €200.000,00 for Type A; €20.000,00 for Type B

- local technical and artistic personnel with a short- or
long-term employment contract
for the submitted project;

- any activity, service, rental of goods,
rent of theatres or locations for the submitted project invoiced by a VAT-paying company or
professional that has its registered office and/or
operational headquarters in Veneto;

– Noleggio di beni da parte di soggetti residenti o aventi sede operativa in
Veneto e affitto di teatri e location, afferenti in via esclusiva al progetto,
localizzate in Veneto;

- accommodation

*essential: all contracts and invoices must have
a date that follows the submission date of the
project (with a date prior won't be deemed eligible))

First Call
2.500.000,00 ? totali
– 2.300.000,00 ? per Tipologia A
– 200.000,00 ? per Tipologia B

Second Call
2.500.000,00 ? totali
– 2.300.000,00 ? per Tipologia A
– 200.000,00 ? per Tipologia B

Funding is awarded as a grant and has the following upper limits:
- Type A: 30% of the qualifying expenditure, with a maximum of
320.000,00 ?;
- Type B: 60% of the qualifying expenditure, with a maximum of
52.500,00 ?

Applications are presented to a jury consisting of both economic and cultural experts who
assess and prioritise all projects based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.
These criteria focus mainly on the economic
potential of the project and the impact of the production on the Veneto audiovisual industry.
Available funding is then allocated to the
highest-ranking applications in descending
order until the allocation is exhausted.

To the request for support, the following must be attached:

- detailed presentation of the project (attachment B);
- presentation of the applicant and the involved technical
and artistic personnel;
- documents that give proof of the minimal
budget in place;
- if available, document where the applicant declares their
will to comply to Green Film (attachment G)
- document about State financial supports (attachment E)

Advance: if requested) 40% of the awarded fund, there will be no automatic entitlement
to this

Payment of the approved funding: upon delivery and acceptance of receipts and
delivery of the copies of the audiovisual work

Our fund awards who agrees to get a Green Film certification
a maximum bonus of 2%on eligible spending 

Please note that the application and all the
paperwork is in Italian only.
For any further question,
feel free to get in touch with us:

For further information, please contact:
+39 041 2794338