Castello di Soave


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The castle of Soave (VR) is a typical medieval military construction, dominating from the hill the vast plain below with walls that from the central tower, the turreted keep, embrace the entire village of Soave. Around the keep the walls develop in such a way as to go to delimit three courtyards and a small hanging courtyard. In the northern part, near the tower of San Giorgio, is the main entrance, equipped with a drawbridge, beyond which is the first courtyard containing the remains of a small church with three apses dating from the 10th century. A portcullis door leads to the second courtyard, known as the Madonna courtyard because of the presence of a 1321 fresco. The third courtyard, on the other hand, houses the donjon keep, probably used as a prison and torture place. In the same place there are traces of a two-story house, a well and what used to be a kitchen and a workshop for making weapons.

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