Centro Minerario di Val Imperina








It is the most important Mining Centre of the Dolomites as well as a magnificent example of industrial archaeology. Its origins date back probably to the Roman Empire, when the trade of copper and bronze was very close to that of gold. Anyway, in 1411 it was acquired by the ?Serenissima? Republic of Venice for the supply of copper. In that period, several skilled workers arrived from Bohemia, and a lot of terms belonging to their language are still present in the local toponyms, mining slang, dialects, and family names. Its activities reached their peak in the 17° and 18° century under the supervision of the Crotta family. However, it worked until 1966, when a terrible flood that hit several places in Italy caused lots of deaths and damages. Luckily, the site has been lately restored, and there is also a hostel. Moreover, it is located along two interesting historical-cultural paths used by the ancient workers and pilgrims.

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