Complesso: Villa Mocenigo e Bosco di Alvisopoli


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Villa Mocenigo is a Venetian villa in Alvisopoli, a town named after the Venetian nobleman Alvise Mocenigo. The complex consists of the main villa, the house for sharecroppers, buildings for processing the products of the land and an important printing house. The villa was designed by the architect Balestra and remained property of the Mocenigo family until the First World War eve; today, the complex is owned by ATER, which has turned it into a private residence. The villa is surrounded by a park of more than 3 hectares and is completed by the Church of San Luigi, where artists close to Canova worked. The Bosco di Alvisopoli (Alvisopoli Wood) is a remnant of a plains wood, transformed by the nobleman Alvise Mocenigo into a fashionable garden. Inside, there are paths that wind through canals, small hills and a central lake. In the different seasons, it is possible to admire native trees and bushes alongside introduced specimens and learn about the animal species that populate the area.

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