Ex bunker Guerra Fredda lungo il fiume Tagliamento


Military buildings


Anni ’50




Near the bridge over the Tagliamento river, there is a Cold War bunker. When Italy joined the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949, the country decided from 1950 to restore the "permanent fortifications" along three defensive lines: the border with Yugoslavia, the Isonzo river and the Tagliamento river. "The fortification on the banks of the Tagliamento river", in San Michele al Tagliamento, was realised in the late 1960s to defend the bridge on the SS14 and the Venice-Trieste railway line. Its peculiarity is that it was the only infantry garrison in Veneto and the southernmost among them. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the revision of NATO defence schemes, the work was consequently decommissioned in 1992. Villa Zuzzi stood in the bunker area until the Second World War. Its construction dates back to 1890 but it was destroyed during World War II due to its strategic location.

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