Giardini e Castello Carrarese


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The current building dates back to the year 1340 and was built on the ruins of the previous fortification, destroyed in 1238 by the troops of Ezzelino da Romano. The most antique nucleus, dating back to the period of the great invasions, is represented by a circle of walls with a church and a large central building. The first structure was incorporated from the XI century in a series of defensive walls and residential buildings until win in roughly the mid XIII century, the Marquis d?Este restored the castle by strengthening its defensive prerogatives. The construction, with a square layout, is surrounded by imposing walls interspersed with twelve small towers. The central tower is situated on the hill, so as to ?watch? over the whole town; it terminates with a square tower and at the north-east there is a small castle (also called Rocca del Soccorso) that originally provided access to the fortress.

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