Il Cortino del Castello di Fratta


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In Fratta, restoration and environmental rehabilitation work were carried out to recover traces of Nievo and his works. Indeed, Fratta was the site of the castle where Carlo Altoviti, the protagonist of ?Confessions of an Italian?, spent his youth. Today, the castle no longer exists, but during archaeological research numerous finds were found, which are preserved at the Cortino di Fratta, together with the collection of books, documents and memorabilia that belonged to Nievo. The Cortino is a recovered agricultural property where the Literary Museum dedicated to the writer is located. On this site, restoration work has seen the creation of a park, an open-air theatre and the Giardino di Marte e Flora, which houses ancient tree and flower species present in the area in medieval times. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that archaeological and archival research has led to the presence of trees and hedges planted where the walls of the ancient Castello are presumed to have stood.

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