La Valgrande


Panoramic natural environments






Valgrande is a fishing hatchery of such huge environmental value as to be proclaimed Area of regional landscape protection interest. An uncontaminated territory between Caorle and Bibione that offers 360 hectares of reed groves, lake basins, woods and basins to be visited on horseback, on foot or by bicycle. Up to 300 years ago, Valgrande was a swampy area, not for man. Thanks to bland human actions, it has now been turned into an intensive breeding area for mullet, bass, eels and sea bream; but also a natural oasis proclaimed Special Protection Zone and Site of Community Importance. You can come across holm oaks over 150 years old, rare flowers and plants, deer, boar and wild horses. And the remains of a Roman villa with its ancient mosaics hidden by the vegetation. This area is called Motteron dei Frati and its dunes, up to 11 metres above sea level, make it the highest area along the north-Adriatic coastline.

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