Laghi di Revine








Of glacial origin, the Revine Lakes are two bodies of water located in the towns of Revine Lago and Tarzo (TV), in the Vallata Lakes Park. Surrounding them are also the small villages of Santa Maria, Colmaggiore, Lago and Fratta. The larger, to the west, is Lago or San Giorgio Lake, backed by the Piaveson stream; to the east, Santa Maria Lake, on the other hand, is less substantial because of a of less water exchange. The two basins are separated by a marshy area of a few hundred meters and communicate through the Canal delle Barche. The natural landscape is typically lacustrine, with reeds and water lilies in warm weather. The area has several picnic areas. The Revine Lakes area saw the first human settlements as early as the late Neolithic period, a time to which the findings of recent years date following which the Livelet Archaeological Education Park was established.

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