Lago di Fimon








Lake Fimon, located in the municipality of Arcugnano a few kilometers from Vicenza, is a small body of water surrounded by the Berici Hills, whose average depth is two meters. It is the oldest lake in northern Italy: in fact, it has a memory dating back to the penultimate glaciation (35,000 years ago). Its formation occurred through the closure of the valley, which occurred in the glacial age, as a result of the accumulation of materials from the Astico and Bacchiglione rivers, which, by raising the ground level, prevented the waters of the Fimon area from flowing into the rivers. Various archaeological finds in the area, mainly by Vicenza naturalist Paolo Lioy in the 19th century, indicate human settlements as early as the Neolithic and Bronze Age, such as those that can be discovered with the Valli di Fimon archaeological trail. The surrounding vegetation consists of willows, poplars, water lilies and water chestnuts.

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