Lago di Vedana








Vedana Lake is located in the municipality of Sospirolo (BL) and falls within the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, south of the Sole Mountains and east of Lake Mis. Of glacial origin, the small lake rises in the locality of Masiere on the original bed of the Cordevole River, where boulders and debris are covered by vegetation fed by underground water veins. The flora is very rich and varied, but what characterizes the lake are the water lilies during flowering in May and the presence of schoenoplectus lacustris, hollow stems up to two meters high along the banks. The fauna, on the other hand, is inhabited by fish of various kinds, amphibians such as the common toad, mountain frog, tree frog and newts, and birds such as the grey heron, mallard and moorhen. Nearby is the rural village of St. Gotthard, where you can also see the Vedana Charterhouse, an ancient monastery where Girolamo Segato, cartographer, naturalist and Egyptologist, was born.

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