Laguna e Casoni




Anni ’60




The Bibione lagoon is full of canals, small islands, reed groves and shoals. Here you can admire all the various bird species or the shoals with their spring flowers, called ?Fiori di tappo?. On surfacing land that dots the water, casoni, those antique huts used during the fishing season, are visible and very beautiful. They have swamp reed walls and roof and wooden door and windows. Inside, just one room with a sandy floor and a stone or brick fireplace to heat and cook on: a few planks used as a bed and to sit on at mealtimes. Once upon a time, the dry land around the casone was used to keep fishing materials on at night or to repair them from holes and tears. And inevitably, in the part protected against the Bora wind, a small boat harbor. Nowadays, the casoni have often been modernized and are used by their owners as somewhere to spend hot summer days: but they are perfectly visible from the water and allow you to spend an exciting day learning about a past time.

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