Museo Nicolis, Verona


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A blend of history, passion and design. One of the most thrilling and suggestive private exhibitions on the international scene, Museo Nicolis in Verona tells the story of 20th century technology and design. The acknowledgment of excellence that comes today from being attributed the most coveted and prestigious award in the global panorama of classic cars launched by the Octane magazine experts: Museum of the Year 2018 at The Historic Motoring Awards, assigned by a qualified international panel in a marvellous setting in London. The wide range of the collection patrimony represents an exclusive reality: over 200 classic cars, 110 bicycles, 100 motorcycles; 500 cameras and movie cameras , 100 musical instruments and jukeboxes, 100 typewriters, aeroplanes and instruments, a military area with relics of First and Second World War, models of cars, trains and aeroplanes. A rare collection of driving accessories.

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