Palazzo della Ragione


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Popularly called "the hall," the Palace of Reason in Padua at the time of its construction was the largest hanging hall in the world, at 80 meters long by 27 meters wide. It arose at the center of an articulated complex of municipal buildings, including the Palazzo degli Anziani and the ancient Palazzo del Consiglio, which were built from the end of the 12th century onward, in the middle of a system of squares, today's Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, where the market took place. The ancient building resembles a huge upside-down ship and rests on 90 piers, arranged in four orders. It was first built in 1219, and was intended to house the courts and financial offices, a role it maintained until 1797. It owes its present form to Friar Giovanni degli Eremitani, who between 1306 and 1309 had the great wooden vault with two caps raised and the portico and loggias added, covering the stairs.

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