Parco naturale del fiume Sile


Panoramic natural environments






The Sile River Regional Nature Park, which runs along the course of the river, covers an area of 4,152 hectares, included within 11 municipal territories distributed in the provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice. From the fontanassi to the Venetian lagoon, where it originates and where its course ends, the Sile River is like a precious open-air book that holds the stories, traditions and legends of the land and people of Veneto. About 70 km long, it is the longest resurgence river in Italy. The area of the springs (or also of the fontanassi, as resurgences are called in Veneto), located between Casacorba, Cavasagra di Vedelago and Torreselle di Piombino Dese, features an equipped path, both pedestrian and bicycle, called "the gateway to water." Another place of interest is the naturalistic oasis of Mulino Cervara, near Santa Cristina, which is spread over a 25-hectare islet bounded by the Sile and Piovega canal.

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