Piazza San Marco








St. Mark's Square is the only space in Venice to be named after a square. It has a trapezoidal shape: it is 175m long and 72m wide in front of St. Mark's Basilica and 57m wide on the opposite side, near the entrance to the Correr Museum. From the center of St. Mark's Square one can admire the most important palaces for Venetian political and religious life of which St. Mark's Basilica is the centerpiece. Looking to the right from the Basilica, one can see the majestic Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Square in which stand the two large monoliths supporting the statues of St. Mark in his symbolic guise as a winged lion and St. Theodore piercing the dragon; followed by the Zecca, built by Sansovino; the Marciana library, designed to house some manuscripts donated to the city in 1468 by the Greek cardinal Basilio Bessarione, which can still be consulted today; and the imposing bell tower of St. Mark's, with its loggia also built by Sansovino.

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