Santuario della Madonna di Monte Berico


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The Sanctuary of Madonna of Monte Berico, one of Italy's major centers of Mary devotion, is located on the hill of the same name, from which it dominates the city of Vicenza. The large basilica, an example of Venetian Baroque architecture, is a cube-shaped building with an internal Greek-cross plan, surmounted by the dome. The present bell tower in neoclassical style was built by Antonio Priovene starting in 1826. Among the many works of art preserved in the church are: the Supper of St. Gregory the Great by Paolo Veronese (1572); the Pietà by Bartolomeo Montagna (early 1500s); the Virgin with the Evangelists and the Baptism of Christ by Alexander Mainz; and the painting of Vicenza and the Virgin of Monte Berico by Venetian painter Giulio Carponi (1651). The basilica's small Gothic cloister features stone columns topped by ogival arches with terracotta frames and a central well.

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