Spazio Scarpa


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Anni ’60




Spazio Scarpa is an open-space of 600 square meters located in Palazzo Brusarosco Zaccaria in Vicenza, designed by the architect and designer Carlo Scarpa in the early 1960s. The predominant element in Spazio Scarpa is natural light. The large central space, described by the architect as a kind of "square," is a vast hall where light diffuses and reflects on the stone floor, creating evocative reflections reminiscent of water movement. At the same time, it highlights the lime-finished walls and surfaces finished with green, black, or Pompeian red stucco. The space is also characterized by a ceiling with unequal rectangular sectors, finished with a gray spatulated stucco. This geometric composition recalls the aesthetics of Japanese walls. Adjacent to the central "square" there are lateral spaces with private rooms. The apartment harmoniously combines light, space, and materials, creating a timeless aesthetic experience and leaving an indelible mark on the history of architecture.

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