Spiaggia di Boccasette ? Delta del Po


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Boccasette Beach is located in the Veneto Regional Park, at the end of the large Po Delta near Porto Tolle (RO). It looks like a tongue of sand overlooking the Adriatic Sea, a real sandy shoal connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is still an untouched place, except for some wooden installations for services to tourists. The beach is reached by taking a narrow asphalt road from the small town of Boccasette, crossing kilometers of cultivated countryside, subtracted from the sea thanks to the great reclamation works carried out along the banks of the Po di Maistra, the minor of the courses into which the great river is divided. The landscape is wild, consisting of fishing valleys with long reed beds and the expanse of golden sand shaped by the wind into ever-changing forms. The beach, in keeping with the natural landscape, also has bathing establishments. In this place it is also possible to glimpse the flight of red herons and buzzards.

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