Villa Bolzonella


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Villa Bolzonella, a few kilometers from Cittadella, is a place rich in history, traditions, and abundant greenery. It has always had a strong vocation as a location dedicated to production, crop and water control, and the preservation of the fruits of the land, rather than being a leisure destination. The Villa, the garden, the Oratory, and all the related structures, declared National Monuments and subject to preservation orders, date back to the late 1500s, following the adjacent medieval tower from the 1200s. The evolution of this place is tied to the history of the territory and water management, land reclamation of marshy areas, and rice cultivation, leveraging the characteristic springs of the area. The current layout of the garden is attributed to Jappelli. Today, Bolzonella, for its geographic position, the characteristics of its spaces, and its grand internal and external scenery, represents an unusual, fascinating, and charming place.

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