Villa da Schio


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The Villa da Schio complex is located in Castelgomberto, a few kilometers from Vicenza. The construction was commissioned by the Piovene family in the second half of the 17th century, to the architect Antonio Pizzocaro, who followed the Palladian style. The central body of the villa has the classic Venetian structure: the mansion is developed around an inner courtyard, surrounded by a colonnade with the barchesse and the chapel. The elegant interiors, perfectly preserved, contain stuccoes, decorations and historical tapestries, distributed in different rooms, from the central hall to rooms used for various purposes. The quadrangular inner courtyard has a circular flowerbed and a fountain in the center. An imposing portico follows three sides of the courtyard, while on the fourth side stands the facade of the villa. The spacious 18th-century park winds through avenues of centuries-old trees, extensive green spaces, terraces and statues with biblical and mythological subjects.

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