Villa Emo


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Villa Emo is a Venetian mansion near Fanzolo di Vedelago (TV), built between 1558 and 1559 by architect Andrea Palladio on commission from the Venetian Emo family. The villa is based on two perpendicular lines: the horizontal line of the villa itself and the vertical line formed by the great avenue, originally completely planted with poplars. The central body, slightly jutting out from the two barchesse placed on either side, is the one that immediately jumps out at the eye. The classical facade, like the pronaos of the Greek temple, features 4 columns of Doric order and a pediment decorated with two winged Victories, holding the heraldic coat of arms of the Emo family. The high base of the facade is connected to the central courtyard by an access ramp from the original agricultural utility. The barchesse are presented as two side wings of equal size, each punctuated by 11 round arches.

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