Villa Gera


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1827, B. Gera, an important exponent of the cultural life of Conegliano, commissioned the planning of his dream to G. Jappelli. Nestled on the Castle hill, Villa Gera dominates the city, offering the gaze the beautiful neoclassical façade with 8 Ionic columns surmounted by a majestic tympanum, whose sculptures, depicting the Architecture that houses the Sister Arts, are the work of M. Casagrande, renowned sculptor of the time and initiated into art by B. Gera himself. The large hall on the main floor was frescoed in 1837, again at the behest of the tireless committee, by G. A. De Min who, in contravention of all the agreements made, decided to represent emblematic scenes taken from "De bello gallico" and other episodes of the life of Julius Caesar, which portray the tumultuous history of the Helvetii, with clear references to the Habsburg domination in Lombardy-Veneto. Due to its beauty and strategic position, it was much sought after and disputed throughout: Austrians, hierarchs etc.

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