Villa Roberti


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A place that amazes for the beauty of its surroundings and enchants for its centuries-old charm. Villa Roberti is a rural residence, commissioned by the Roberti earls in the mid-sixteenth century and built on a project by Andrea da Valle. The Villa is known above all for the beautiful Frescoes' Hall, painted between 1553 and 1554: one of the highest fruits of the collaboration between Giambattista Zelotti and Paolo Veronese. Here the two artists have created a series of episodes that narrate the loves between gods and mortals and that make Villa Roberti one of the most evocative examples of the Paduan and Venetian Renaissance pictorial. The large Barchessa and the Tower, the last testimony of a medieval castle, make the monumental complex unique. Immersed in a green natural landscape, it has in fact preserved part of its estates, and to date, it has a 5-hectare park consisting of the romantic-style Rose Garden, the Wood, the Ghiacciaia, the Brolo and the Fishpond.

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